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Spray Nozzless for Paper and Pulp Mill

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Spray Nozzles for Paper and Pulp Mill(Triming、Cleaning、Humidifying、Coating)

High Pressure Web Trimming Solid Stream Nozzles

▪ It can form a straight needle solid stream, used for the trimming of paper

▪ Can work at a high pressure of 14 Mpa
▪ Available material for nozzle orifice is 316SS and ceramic and synthetic ruby

High Pressure Needle Nozzles

▪ Solid stream high impact performance – ideal for cleaning felts, fabrics, wire, suction rolls and more.
▪ Standard version features a tube on the back end that protrudes higher than competitive nozzles. This enables better quality water to be drawn into the nozzles and minimizes turbulence.
▪ Ruby orifice version is available for longer wear life.

Shower nozzles

▪ Disc-type nozzles fit inside the shower so the internal brushes easily debris away.
▪ Lock-ring holds the nozzles in place.
▪ Available in flat and solid stream spray patterns.
▪ Groove on flat edges makes nozzle removal from headers fast and easy.

Self-cleaning Nozzles

▪ Available with low or high actuator pressures.
▪ Piston-type design. When line pressure is low, the nozzle’s piston retracts to purge debris from the nozze orifice.


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