A Full Cone Spray Nozzle with Swirl Plate
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Key words: Full cone spray nozzle, swirl plate, fire fighting nozzle, large capacity spray nozzle, high velocity spray nozzle, open directional spray nozzle

A series of full cone spray nozzle with specially designed swirl plate were developed by Mistec recently. These nozzles have large flow passage, wide range of capacity and spray angles which make them are very suitable for many applications such as fire fighting, spray cooling, gas cleaning, etc.


Design Principle

The key to design a full cone spray nozzle is to make the liquid whirl and speed up, then let the liquid being discharged  from nozzle orifice to form the solid conical spray pattern. There are several existing swirl structures available for full spray nozzle, depending on the expected dimension, capacity, spray angle, coverage, droplet size, cost etc. Please refer to see brief introduction of structure features of full cone spray nozzles.

Our newly developed full cone nozzles have specially designed swirl plates. There are several holes in the plate to control direction of water flow and make the water swirl at pressure. The deflecting angle of the holes affect the axial velocity and tangential velocity of water flow and therefore, together with dimension of nozzle orifice, affect the spray angle and droplet size. The diameter of the holes affect the flow rate of the spray nozzle.

This kind of design make it easy to adjust the spray performance of the nozzle and very suitable for large flow rate spray nozzles.


Design Features

- Specially designed swirl plate, larger flow passage, less clogging problem;

- Wide range of capacity, spray angles and coverage;

- Easy assembly, dismantle and cleaning;


When used as fire fighting nozzles, they can be regarded as a kind of high velocity spray nozzle and open directional spray nozzle. At present, there are 5 k factors for this series nozzles available, 53, 100, 160, 240, 420. Spray angle 90 degree. All are large capacity nozzles.


More work and tests will be done in the near future that would lead to serialization of this kind of nozzle. We will update the progress of our work later.
If there is any comments, suggestions or questions about this kind of nozzle, please let us know. 
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